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Elementary Resource Counseling Specialist

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Cypress Village EDL Counseling

Vanessa Chavez, M.Ed., PPS 

Elementary Resource Counseling Specialist (M-W)

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Counseling Program Overview

At Cypress Village, we are working to support students with positive social skills and using appropriate responses for challenging situations. Each classroom will explore and support monthly lessons through the Second Step and align with the following skill-building areas: Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotional Management, and Problem Solving. In addition to classroom lessons, students can also participate in smaller group support such as Lunch Bunch, Mindfulness Monday, and other opportunities during the school day!


Second Step Program

One of the ways our school supports the social-emotional development of your child is by explicitly teaching your child social-emotional skills in the classroom using the Second Step, an evidence-based social-emotional learning program. Services are provided during the school day, once a month for approximately 30 minutes. If you have any further questions, please contact the classroom teacher or your Elementary Resource Counseling Specialist.


Individual and Small Group Counseling
The Elementary Resource Counseling program is designed to provide opportunities for students to participate in individual and small group counseling experiences that provide support and skill-building for coping with family stressors, academic struggles, and personal issues. It is not unusual for students to need focused help to strengthen their social-emotional skills in order to be more learning ready during different times in their childhood. Many children struggle from time to time with a range of family and life circumstances (divorce, loss, moves, stress) that make coming to school more difficult and we are here to offer tools and support. Small group and individual counseling can be an excellent way for students to learn new skills, develop self- confidence, adjust behaviors, and learn to deal with challenges in healthy ways.


Parent Resources/ Toolkit

To acknowledge the increased need and support for social-emotional learning (SEL),  a “toolkit” for parents had been created!

Please see the full toolkit in the

Parent Toolkit The 3 R's Return to School

Help Your Child Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19

Notice Symptoms of Stress/Anxiety/Behavioral Changes


Please find articles related to your child's well-being and social and emotional development listed here. Should you need further support or information, please contact Soraya Abri at (949) 936- 8951 or


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