Principal's Message

Dear Cypress Village Elementary School Community,

As we embark on another exciting school year, we want to express how truly honored we are to be entrusted with the education and care of your children. At Cypress Village, we believe in creating an environment that fosters a love for learning and empowers students to become responsible, respectful citizens prepared to embrace their future with enthusiasm.

Our commitment to teaching the whole child remains at the heart of everything we do. We not only focus on academic excellence, but also instill essential values that will shape our students' character and prepare them for life's adventures. Compassion, cooperation, initiative, integrity, perseverance, positive mental attitude, and respect are the guiding principles we instill in our young learners.

As a school community, we understand the importance of building strong relationships with our students and their families. We recognize that education is a collaborative effort and we cherish the partnership we have with you. Together, we form a village of invested learners, where every stakeholder plays a crucial role in nurturing our students' growth and development.

As a staff, we are dedicated to providing a well-rounded education that goes beyond the confines of the classroom. We strive to nurture individuals who eagerly embrace learning, take risks, and develop a strong connection with their school. 

Diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and we take pride in valuing and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual within our community. We believe in providing a space where every child feels valued, empowered, and inspired to reach their fullest potential.

We look forward to celebrating achievements, overcoming challenges, and witnessing the incredible growth of each and every one of our students. Together, we will make this school year a positive and fun-filled experience for our Cyclones.

With warmest regards,

Jennifer Lambert
Cypress Village Elementary School