Celebrations and Parties

Ghostly Snack

Celebrations can be educational, fun, and exciting for our students. Dietary restrictions, cultural beliefs, food allergies, and the varied nutritional preferences of our population require considerable and deliberate coordination of any event involving food. Students in our school community have life threatening allergies to certain foods and other allergens. With that in mind, classrooms are expected to follow the guidelines outlined below for celebrations and parties.

  • To reduce the risk of exposure to one of the most common allergens, please do not send any peanut or nut containing foods for any classroom celebration or party.

  • Classrooms will make allowances for students with food allergies or certain health conditions, to bring an alternative item to allow all students to participate in the festivities. 

  • Parents are notified prior to any food being brought into the classroom.

  • Consider non-food items for parties and events so that all children may participate in the fun.

  • Consider a physical, art or music activity in lieu of a food party. 

  • Please contact your teacher before bringing any food products to the classroom.