The Cypress Village Forecast


Monday, 1/11/2021
Front Office Hours: 7:45am - 3:00pm

Tuesday, 1/12/2021
Front Office Hours:  7:45am - 3:00pm
Upper Grade Music

Wednesday, 1/13/2021
Minimum Day
Front Office Hours:  7:45am - 2:15pm

Thursday, 1/14/2021
Front Office Hours:  7:45am - 3:00pm
Upper Grade Music

Friday, 1/15/2021
Front Office Hours:  7:45am - 3:00pm
Primary Music
Neon Spirit Wear Day

A Note from the School Nurse
We would like to take this time to remind and update everyone on health and safety measures that are in place to keep students and staff safe:

Daily Home Screening  - Please ensure that you go through this Daily Symptom Screener with your child before leaving for school every day. It is essential that a parent calls the attendance line at 949-936-8901 to notify the school that the student is staying home due to illness or has been in contact with a Covid positive person.

Illness on Campus - If a student becomes ill on campus, it will be necessary to send the student home immediately. This year we are taking extra measures to slow the spread of any possible illness by asking that parents pick up students promptly after notification that your student is ill.  

Illness Prevention - We have implemented many measures to ensure that students and staff have the resources they need to stay healthy.

We know there is a lot of new information this year and our most important priority is keeping our students safe. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We hope that you partner with us in our efforts for a safe and healthy Cypress Village!

Noon Duty Playground Assistant Needed
If you know of anyone that is positive, fun, and loves working with children: Cypress Village is hiring a Playground Assistant to supervise students during recess and lunch, Monday through Friday from 9:50 AM – 1:20 PM on the days worked. The beginning pay rate is $13.50 an hour. Please complete an employment application through Edjoin. Once you have completed the application, please contact Maureen George at or by calling 936-8900 to be considered for an interview.

Elementary Resource Counseling Department
The ERC/Counseling department would like to survey parents of Cypress Village Elementary School in order to help identify what the needs are of the school. This survey will also determine what topics need to be addressed in the classroom and in small group sessions, as well as topics to be discussed at parent educational and informational meetings. This is an anonymous survey. Thank you for your help!
Parents' Survey

Irvine Adult School - Online Classes Offered
This is a free resource IUSD offers to any adult (18 or older) in the community who would like to learn or improve their English. They also offer a Diploma Pathway class for anyone who would like to complete their high school diploma – participant will be awarded an Adult Education Diploma once they complete the requirements. CLICK HERE for flyer.

Community Mental Health Resources
As we approach winter break, please take a moment to view the many mental health resources that are available to our families. CLICK HERE to visit our Community Mental Health page. CLICK HERE for Care Solace - Our Mental Health Concierge Services to Connect Families to Outside Resources.

Virtual Parenting Workshops
Irvine Parent Education Programs (IPEP) are FREE seminars and educational workshops offered to Irvine parents throughout the school year. Our goal is to empower parents with the skills and strategies necessary to become active participants in their child’s education. IPEP offers a variety of workshops focused on topics important to parents of IUSD students. Experienced instructors and district-level representatives lead each workshop, providing participants with thoughtful and up to date information. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Coffee with the Counselor
Coffee with the Counselor will be held once per month over Zoom.
"Hot Coffee" Last Wednesday of each month (morning), @ 7:30a- 8:15a
"Iced Coffee" Last Wednesday of each month  (afternoon), @ 1:00p- 1:45p
Join in to learn about how we can work together to build our Cypress Village students' social and emotional well-being. If you are interested in attending, please fill out Google Form. Hope to see you there!

Cyberbullying and Digital Drama: Keeping Kids Safe, Happy, and Healthy In a Digital Age The Irvine Parent Education Program (IPEP) has arranged an online presentation for all IUSD families K-12 on January 12, 2021 at 5:30pm via OCDE’S Canvas page. It is encouraged that young kids not listen in as some content is more mature. Please click here for more information. 

Free and Reduced Lunch Price Applications Available in the Front Office or On-Line
Students whose families are on limited incomes may qualify to receive free or reduced lunch.  If you would like to apply for your child to receive free or reduced-price lunch, please click here


IVA District Newsletter
Our Director of Virtual Learning, Kris Linville, will be sending out the most recent newsletter, by email, later today. This newsletter gets sent out every Friday. Please keep an eye out and check your spam folder in case you don’t receive it. 

Picture Day
IVA Picture Day is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24th. More details to come as the date gets closer.

IUSD’s Virtual Academy Website
If you haven’t checked out IUSD’s Virtual Academy website, you can click here for more resources, IVA’s calendar, and more information:

Follow IVA’s Instagram Account: @ivaiusd

Parent Conference Dates:
Spring Conference minimum days - March 22-26

Other Important Dates:

Minimum Days
Friday, January 15 Friday before MLK and Student/Teacher Holiday
Friday, May 28 Friday before Memorial Day
Friday, June 4 Last day of school

You can access the IVA Calendar for the 2020-2021 school year here: IVA 2020-2021 Calendar