Summative ELPAC Notification

Student Testing


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Identifying students who need help learning English is important so they can get the support they need to do well in English language arts/literacy, mathematics, science, and other subject areas in school. The Summative English Language Proficiency Assessments for California, or “Summative ELPAC,” is the test used to measure how well students understand English when it is not the language they speak at home. Information from the ELPAC tells your child’s teacher about the areas in which your child needs extra support.

This spring, your child will take the Summative ELPAC.

Students in transitional kindergarten through grade twelve who are classified as English learners will take the Summative ELPAC every year until they are reclassified as proficient in English. Students are tested on their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Your child’s voice is being recorded as part of the Speaking test. A small percentage of student responses will be used to validate the accuracy of scoring and will not be used for identification. All recorded responses will be destroyed after the scores are validated.

Cypress Village Elementary grades TK-6th will be assessed throughout the month of April 2020.

You are an important part of your child’s education. To help your child get ready for the test, you can:

·         Read to your child or have them read to you on a regular basis.

·         Use pictures and ask your child to tell you what they see, or what is happening in each picture.

·         Provide your child with opportunities to use language outside of school.

·         Talk with your child’s teacher about your child’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to help support their progress.

To learn more about the ELPAC, go to the California Department of Education Parent Guides to Understanding Web page at

You also can look at sample test questions on the practice tests, which can be found on the ELPAC Web site at

If you have any questions about your child taking the ELPAC, please contact Tristen Holton at (949) 936-8944 or


Carla Beal